Salaryman Shi press kit

Developer: Cliax Games
Release date: 30/06/2022 (Steam and Nintendo eShop)
Platforms: SteamNintendo eShop
Price: €3,99/$4.99
Languages: English, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch
Ratings: E for Everyone, PEGI 7, USK 6, IARC 7+


Inspired by classic games and set in a darkly satirical version of Japan, Salaryman Shi is a 2D platformer where you play as salaryman Takeshi Shi as you hurry to catch the bus to the office! Traverse colorful environments, battle strange animals and master the power of your suitcases in order to get to your desk on time, but beware, for all kinds of crazy challenges stand between you and your paycheck!

With an easy to pick up control scheme and hard to master power-ups, this game contains twenty satisfying levels with plenty of unique environments, engaging gimmicks and weird enemies. There’s also the missions that radically change up how to play through levels, time trials that push your speedrunning skills to the limit, a hard mode that reworks every single level for an even bigger challenge, competitive multiplayer and of course lots of fun secrets! And for the less skilled players, there’s an assist mode you can turn on at any time that gets rid of the game’s more old-school inspired mechanics, such as lives or instant kill pits.


  • A dozen levels with unique visuals, songs, gimmicks and enemies
  • Complete mission objectives which let you tackle levels in cool new ways
  • Beat the best times in Time Attack and win a place in the leaderboards
  • Try a much harder reworked adventure in Hard Mode
  • Competitive multiplayer where you race your friend to win the game first
  • Level the playing field with Assist Mode for less skilled players

Key art

Click here to download a .zip file containing all the logos (contains more art than shown here).


Click here to download a .zip file containing all the logos (contains more art than shown here).