Paperball press kit

Developer: Cliax Games

Release date: 27/03/2020 (Steam), 27/03/2021 (Nintendo Switch™)

Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch™

Price: €9,99/$11.99 (base game on Steam),  €1,59/$1.99 (per DLC pack), €14,99/$17.99 (Deluxe edition on Nintendo Switch™)

Languages: English, Japanese, German, Dutch

Ratings: E for Everyone, PEGI 3, USK 0, IARC 3+


Paperball is Cliax Games’ challenging marble roller, full of tense arcade action! Navigate tricky passages, pull off crazy stunts and get ready to fall off the stage more often than you count! All unique levels will test your balancing skills over the course of over 10 papercrafted environments in a variety of game modes.

Take on challenging stage sets, trying to fall as little as possible, or risk it all to score the best time on any stage. Play any way you want, alone or with a friend.


  • Play on over 150 stages spread over the course of 4 difficulty levels.
  • Three brand new DLC packs featuring exclusive worlds, stages, music, art and voice lines.
  • Seven unique game modes, including Arcade, Rush, Medal, Mad Shuffle, Blitz, Multiplayer and Flip!
  • No lives or timers! You can keep on trying until you master the stage.
  • Competitive and cooperative local multiplayer on one keyboard or individual controllers!

Nintendo Switch™ features

  • Handheld mode, tabletop mode and TV mode support
  • Support for single and paired Joy-Con™, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, GameCube Controller and motion control
  • Console exclusive content featuring new worlds, stages, music and a new announcer character

Key Art

Click here to download a .zip file containing all the key art (contains more art than shown here).


Click here to download a .zip file containing all the logos (contains more art than shown here).