The Lower Right

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The Lower Right is a puzzle game where your goal is to get rid of all tiles on the field. If you can make all tiles in a row or column match color, they will disappear. You can flip a tile to change its color or rotate it by 90° in any direction – but be careful: depending on the tile’s icon and rotation, other tiles on the field might flip or rotate as well!

The game comes with 25 levels. If you purchase the full version ingame, you can unlock the full Campaign mode, consisting of 400 levels, plus a Free Play mode which lets you play randomized levels with customizable rules.

Every 24 hours you will be granted a random special item, which might let you destroy a certain tile or even flip up to three tiles in one move. Maybe you can create some nifty combos that way!


  • 25 Levels with randomized colors and brainteasing challenges
  • Four different daily rewards
  • 400 Levels with even mightier challenges (Full version only)
  • Free play mode with customizable rules (Full version only)