Who are we?

Cliax Games is a combined effort of people from all over the world to deliver high quality games to you for a low price. The team is led by DJ Coco who is aided by various freelancers, with various long-term contributors listed below. Concepts, design and polish are all part of DJ Coco’s work, who actually pours more money into these games than what’s made out of them, so you can be certain these games are a labour of love.

“Cliax? Don’t you mean Climax?”

Nah, it’s not a typo! Cliax is derived from Cliaxium, a fictional element from our Cliax Codec universe. Since our main focus lies on developing the Cliax Codec game first and foremost, it seemed like a fitting decision to name the team after the game. The cogwheel with the little crystal inside that’s in our logo also originates from there.

The Team

Lukas Kneringer / Lead Programmer

Better known under his pseudonym “DJ Coco”, he is the driving force behind Cliax Games, and the one designing all of its games, also taking care of most of the programming. Born in Austria, he started coding at a young age and never ceased to find joy in using it to craft unique and fun games.

Wayde Moss / Assistant Programmer

Wayde Moss is an aspiring programmer from the United States, a good friend, and a long-term contributor who helps shape titles such as Cliax Codec and Nulldrifters 2. Being an ace at all things related to maths and Unity, he usually assists when more complex code is required.

Christopher Stephens / Web Master / PR

Coco’s friend since 2009, he is well-acquainted with all Cliax Games is doing, aiding with various design choices and taking up various tasks. He’s an aspiring artist/writer, helping with editing the dialogue for Cliax Codec, while also in charge of this very website, given his experience with web development.

Juhani Junkala / Composer & Sound Designer

Juhani Junkala is a seasoned composer and music producer from Finland who has worked on two Cliax games so far. He writes music in wide variety of genres and is always interested to explore new directions in game audio.

Xanomusik / Music Producer

Xanomusik is an Austrian music producer specialized in electronic music. He’s capable of producing music covering a wide variety of genres, such as the catchy chiptune-inspired tunes found in Shape Impact.

Zagreus Entertainment LLP / 3D Graphic Artist

Zagreus Entertainment LLP is an Indian company that provides 3D graphics, animations and visual effects to games, creating unique environments for the game to come alive in. Always striving to do their best, they are responsible for the vast majority of the texture work in Cliax Codec.

GMchan / 2D Graphic Artist

GMchan is a freelance artist who specializes in high-quality character artwork. She’s been creating most of the art used for the cutscenes and promotional art in Cliax Codec, and is always diligent and reliable with what she’s doing.

Toeknee / 2D Graphic Artist

Experienced with both character and environmental art, Toeknee is a girl from the Philippines that’s helping create the beautiful backdrops in Cliax Codec’s cutscenes. Without hesitating to put lots of detail, she makes every scene feel like an actual place to be.

Constantine Berg / Pixel Artist

Dreaming of becoming a game developer, Constantine is highly proficient with not only pixel art, but also low-poly modelling. Having created the graphics for his own game Retro Highway, he is currently providing the visuals for one of Cliax Games’ projects.